Time of Day Media is a worker owned-cooperative which collaborates exclusively with social justice organizations. We develop digital organizing & media strategy for progressive campaigns, covering everything from branding to video production to social media content to email blasts. 

DOCUMENTARY - Compelling profiles of working people, strategic campaign videos, inspiring coverage of collective action - our documentary content is moving, effective and Emmy Award Winning

Time of Day Media partner, Angad Bhalla, won a 2014 Emmy for his feature-length documentary Herman's House - a powerful critique of solitary confinement told through the story of Herman Wallace. Learn more about this incredible film!

SCRIPTED CONTENT - We develop original scripted content to creatively reframe progressive values and reach a broader audience. Check out the videos below to see a racism decoder ring, suffering real estate moguls, workers performing an original song, a dance-off for the day-off, a parody of those peppy Red Lobster ads, and a moving branding video using archival footage. 

ANIMATION & VISUAL EFFECTS - In collaboration with the amazing talent at Motion Sickness, we use animation and visual effects to add a surprising element to our documentary and scripted content.  

If you'd like to learn more about how video can be used to advance your organizing and campaign work, please email us at adrianna@timeofdaymedia.com.