Time of Day Media is a worker-owned media cooperative which collaborates exclusively with progressive organizations. We create digital media campaigns that engage, inform, and organize your communities. From branding to video, animation, and graphic design - not to mention giphys, listicles, memes & more - we have your organization's digital media needs covered. 

DIGITAL STRATEGY - We increase engagement, build your lists, identify new organizing leads, capture stories, and connect offline & online organizing by:  

  1. Using effective targeting & crossposting to make sure content reaches your audience   
  2. Engaging audiences by curating & creating content that speaks to their shared experiences
  3. Working closely with your organizers to develop mutually reinforcing offline-online organizing strategies
  4. Training organizers and member-leaders on how to use digital organizing to increase offline engagement 

DOCUMENTARY, SCRIPTED VIDEO, & ANIMATION - We tell your stories differently using a range of storytelling techniques. Our content is creative, engaging and Emmy Award Winning

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT - We create & curate social media content that is timely, relatable, and compelling to your target audiences, drawing on their shared experiences and interests. 

DIGITAL/PRINT MEDIA ADS & BRANDING  - Digital & print media ads, radio spots, transit ads, branding & logo design and more - we also cover traditional media needs for your campaigns, grounding our approach in storytelling.